Personal Training for fitness & nutrition

I put my focus entirely on your personal goals!

Personal Training

Whether your goal is to have more strength, endurance or speed, better flexibility, more coordination or less body weight, I will support you to reach your specific goal with joy and pep. I prepare each lesson according to your personal needs and goals.

The meaning of „Fitness“ varies from person to person. It is up to you which level of fitness you would like to reach. As your Personal Trainer, I will map a suitable path to your goal for you and together we will work our way closer to it with each training session we have. (more...)

Golf Fitness

Golf has got a lot to with coordination and concentration, but also with strength, stability and flexibility. By means of specific exercises I show you how you can gain control over your coordination and improve your swing by being more stable, more flexible and stronger. (more...)


Nutrition is key for our health and plays an equally central role for our organism, as exercise does. (more...