Personal Training

My Personal Training is guided by your goals and wishes and takes place either at your home or outdoors. After a first, free try-out lesson, I will compile your personal training program according to your goals. The best results are achieved by regular and long-ranging training and it is you, who chooses the offer you consider most suitable for yourself.

A personal training lesson is 60 minutes. Of these 60 minutes most time should be dedicated to physical activity. If you would like to include nutrition counselling in your training, you can book a lesson or a package of the combined offer „Personal Training & Nutrition Counselling“. One lesson then lasts 90 minutes.

The key elements of my Personal Training are functional training, TRX Suspension Training and Pilates. 

Functional Training

Functional training consists of exercises, which train and strengthen the body in an ideal way for all daily activities. Originally, the functional training was used for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The specific exercises helped patients to overcome their movement disorder and to re-establish their independence in everyday life.

Compared to the isolation training (e.g. body building) which trains the single muscles isolated, functional training trains entire movements engaging several muscles at the same time and motion sequences which are used in daily activity and in sports. The main focus lies of a strong core (abdominal and dorsal). But also more strength, stability and speed, as well as increased flexibility and endurance are part of the positive results of regular functional training.

Another advantage of functional training is the fact that it needs only little or no equipment. This again means that functional training can be executed just about anywhere and any time. Whether at your home, in the office, in your fitness centre or outdoors, the exercises are always efficient and effective.


The TRX Suspension Trainer was made by Fitness Anywhere and developed for the US Navy SEAL's. It is ideal for a whole-body workout at home, in the office or outdoors. The TRX Suspension Trainer – also called „the mobile fitness centre“ – trains strength, coordination, stability and flexibility all at the same time and because one trains with his own body weight this revolutionary training tool is suitable for anyone!



Pilates is a systematic whole-body workout, strengthening primarily the pelvic floor, abdominal and dorsal muscles. In the early 20th century, Joseph H. Pilates developed the Pilates-Method and called it „Controllogy“ or the art of muscle control.

The Pilates Training activates especially the low-lying muscles, the ones that are responsible for a correct and healthy posture. The main goals of Pilates are strengthening of muscles, improvement of posture and a better body perception. There are around 500 Pilates exercises switching between stretching and strengthening of the muscles.